Counting down to WEEKEND BREAK! - NiteNITE

Counting down to WEEKEND BREAK!

Your favorite weekend in Groningen is BACK, and it’s so close!

Get ready for two days of in-your-face, interdisciplinary performance art, and one hell of an after party so get your tickets now!!

20EUR for Age 30+
15EUR for Under 30

Under 30 years old? USE CODE: ‘YNG24’ at checkout for a 25%,- per ticket discount.


Check for more info and the full line up.

Don’t forget the merch..

Looking to upgrade your old t-shirts/boxers/socks? We’ve got you covered! Bring your [/insert item here] and we’ll turn it into a one of a kind and personalized piece of FASHION! While you’re amazed by all the ART, DANCE & PARTY we’ll get to work and have your new STATEMENT PIECE ready in no time!

So bring your old items to the festival, run to our merch stand, and we’ll do the rest…


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