They said YES! 💍 Time for the tour! - NiteNITE

They said YES! 💍 Time for the tour!

After a premiere filled with love and warmth, we’re getting ready for the tour!

“A moving and witty medicine against black and white thinking” ★★★★ Dagblad van het Noorden

“Maximally accessible and brutally haunting. Weizman reliably sows doubt into his own openness. (…) An evening as empathy training.” – ★★★★★ Neue Press

“Weizman and his fantastic ensemble have created a total work of art.” – Hannover Allgemeine

Experience YARA’S WEDDING until June 11th.

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FALL FAILING van start!

07 11 2023

Fall Failing COMING SOON

03 11 2023

OPEN CALL: foto/video creatives

17 10 2023

NITE RAW: Rebekka Nilsson

23 08 2022
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