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Meet the new 2 board

2 Has a new board! Meet Iulia, Annika and Iza. Together, these young art enthusiasts will organize activities and events for the community.

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Iulia Aionesi

Hey I’m Iulia (she/her) (22) and I’m a fresh graduate of Arts, Culture and Media BA (RUG), specialising in Theatre Criticism and Analysis. Currently I’m taking a gap year, finding alternative ways to move in the world outside of an academic context. I’d say I’m nurturing methods of slowing down, grounding myself in the present by listening, sowing seeds, growing plants and really taking the time to explore my surroundings. My hobbies? I guess dancing, talking long walks, improvising, reading and embroidery (still in the process of learning).

In terms of research, I’m mostly interested in contemporary art practices at their intersection with ecology, public space and mobilities, but also topics surrounding more-than-human perspectives, intersectional climate justice, ritual decolonization and dance theory.

I joined the 2 board because I wanted to work with like-minded people, collectively, creatively and communally. I believe in the transformative powers of a community and 2 feels like a space where this can actually sprout and flourish. Beyond that, I’m sure 2 will offer the necessary tools for me to move through and around artistic communities, but also to engage and interact thoroughly with interdisciplinary practices. Really psyched to be part of this!

Annika Klingenberg

Hey, Annika here, 23. I study arts culture and media in Groningen, and make coffee for people on the side. I am also quite passionate about music, plants, our garden, knitting and cooking. Sound like an old lady yet?

My big highlights used to be going/taking people to cultural events of any sort, last year I also started to organise some myself. So I am constantly looking for ways to connect people and experience something together. A nice challenge in current times.

This is also one of the reasons I joined the 2 board. Get especially younger people into performances. Watch it, talk about it, be a part of it. During board meetings we discuss exactly these things.

Iza v.d. Bosch

Hi! I am Iza and I am 20 years old. Currently, I am studying Arts, Culture, and Media at the Rijksuniversiteit of Groningen.

Besides studying, I like to write in my journal and rollerskate from time to time when the weather allows me to. Like really rollerskating, the vintage vibe skating. Talking about vintage, I like to thrift shop with my friends (when the stores are opened) and my room is full of small vintage finds. It is an addiction and I can’t help it.

I joined the board because of my lifelong love affair with theatre and art. Since I was a little kid I liked to make plays with my sister and friends and I always loved drawing and dancing to songs that gave me energy. This interest in art grew out in love for it, and it never has let me go. When I heard of the 2 board, I immediately sent an email to the NNT because I was so excited to do something more with my interest in the arts.

At the board, I am sharing my ideas on creations the NITE ensemble is working on from the perspective of the youth. We try to make the art as reachable as possible for everyone from our age group. Also for people who may not be too familiar with it!


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